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Anonymous asked: "Dude we almost got caught!" exclaimed Mia. "I cant help that youre so delicious." her lover teased. "Shut up Truxton." she smiled. END.


Anonymous asked: "Mia, is everything all right in there?" she asked as she knocked. Mia's lover stopped nibbling her shoulder and started kissing and licking her neck. "I-I'm fine." Mia nearly mumbled. She tried her best to sound like she wasnt moaning, but her lover nomming her neck wasnt helping. "Oh alright then." her mother replied as she walked away.


Anonymous asked: In a steamy hot shower, with mia on his lap, his mouth was steadily nibbling on her shoulder, a giggling moan slipped out of Mia's mouth. Beads of hot water and sweat trickled down their skin, soaking almost every part of their body. There was a knock on the bathroom door, it was Mia's mother.



Anonymous asked: Sniffing at the air, he turns his aqua eyes to you with surprised joy. He whistles out a note before greeting you with a heart "G'morning!" Putting down the pan, he practically bounces his way up to you, ending with you being drowned in that grand mound of chest fluff.


Anonymous asked: Well this was new. Now, there's been many a folk you've dreamed about for years- but him? You never expected him to actually, well, be real! But there he was, fur, horns, hooves and all- and raiding your fridge to make you one hell of a breakfast after a terrible week. You didn't know Truxton could cook...



Anonymous asked: Finally making it to him, Mia sat on Bryan's lap, legs spread apart. She brung her face closer to his. Their faces both met for a soft, warm kiss. END.


Anonymous asked: Bryan was busy reading a book, his feet resting on the coffee table. "Oh Bryan!" Mia coos seductively. Bryan looked up to see his wife in one of her sexy pieces of lingerie. A silky see-through gown only exposing the goodies. Bryan slowly put his book down as Mia headed down the steps. With each graceful, seductive step, Bryan licked his lips at his lover.


Anonymous asked: He finally reached her house and opened the window to her room. He placed her gently on her bed and covered her up. He was glad that she wasnt dead. Not just cause her mom might flip her shit but because she was a beautiful girl and didnt deserve to die. Before hunger set on his mind again, he started to head for the window. He turned his head to the angel sleeping. He turned back around and flew out for his next meal. END.


anon this story is just jvhdfjdhjghdfgjfh <3

Anonymous asked: Asleep, Mia snuggled closer to Sonny's chest. Even though he was full his stomach rumbled again. He looked straight ahead trying to avoid his urge to suck every last ounce of blood out of her. But he couldnt resist looking down at her again. That innocent glow in her face as the moonlight shot at it, her smile as she dreamt, her soft brown hair flowing in the wind. This did put a smile on Sonny's face, but it didnt get rid of his guilt.


Anonymous asked: On his walk back, Sonny noticed a phone on the ground. He picked it up. "It must be for that girl." he thought. He walked over to the spot where Mia lie, still unconscious from Sonny's feast. The moonlight shined on her face. It was pale with an innocent glow. This made Sonny's stomach turn. How beautiful and innocent she looked. Guilt finally set in as he picked her up and started floating, looking for her home.


Anonymous asked: Mia's scream was grew quiet as Sonny stroked her hair. She was running out of breath and her heartbeat was quickening as he drank more of Mia's sweet red liquid. Her vision started to blur, Sonny finally removed his fangs from her neck. A full belly, he started to walk off after a burp. Mia slowly slid down the tree and fell to the ground, her eyelids grew heavy. They closed. She slipped into unconsciousness.


Anonymous asked: The man picked Mia up and slammed her back against a tree. She let out a yelp in pain. The man's evil smile was only feeding Mia's fear more. "Wh-who are you?" Mia trembled. The full moon shined a light to the man's face. Mia gasped. "Call me, Skrillex." he said. His fangs elongated, Mia screamed, Sonny bit her neck and started to slurp on mouthfuls of blood, swallowing each mouthful with satisfaction.

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Anonymous asked: Mia took off into the dark forest attempting to escape the ravenous creature. But she wouldnt get away for long. The man ran at breakneck speed. Mia's heart was racing, using only her sense of touch to guide her through the pitch black forest. The man was catching up to her, and fast. He finally popped up in front of her. Not knowing, she slammed into him and fell to the ground.


Anonymous asked: "Wh-what do you want? Take anything! My money, my phone, my purse! Just please dont hurt me!" exclaimed Mia. "Your materialistic items are not what I require." the man snarled. "But what DO you want?" Mia questioned. "What I want is located in the vein in your neck." the man replied. "M-my blood?" asked Mia putting a hand to her neck. "Bingo." bubbled the man.


Anonymous asked: mia started to back away from the figure. "Wh-who are you? What do you want with me?" As she moved back, the man moved forward, hungrier and paitence shrinking as he took another step. "There's one thing I want you my dear." the man said licking his lips.