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A birthday gift for Nins!! 

sorry for taking so long ahhh ;;v; hope you like it <33

one on the left was 8 months ago and the one on the right was 30 minutes ago

Finally got around to do a Strawberry gang thing with Dillfran! 

you can buy this as a print, sticker, and a pillow here! 

what is happening


Been drawing Sonny a whole lot lately and thought maybe I’d give Porter a turn this time :)

blushdoe asked: imagine steve and sonny with fancy lady hair. imagine


ft. Mozart frm the rap battle

I cant imagine how much hair spray that would take to keep up a day 

Trying to adjust to photoshop a bit so hers a doot

Quickie warm up of Sonny bab


Happy birthday to this wonderful dude who has been bringing us such wonderful music and such a amazing demeanor. Happy birthday to the dude to the dude who has been working on an album that will for sure bring everyone together. Happy birthday to the person who doesn’t quit and teaches his fans to do the same.
To you, Porter. Happy birthday! We are all so proud of you ❤️

I love that jean jacket don’t even talk to me

The beez neez
Inspired by oskibearz's doots!

Sonny in a pair of shorts makes me cry