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Mimi|♀|♈|17 |INFJ| Dumb weenie who loves EDM and drawing. Nice to meet yah! Instagram
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Currently working on a skrillvolution get riggity rekt

cool cool

Porter poo

It’s good to be back 

Sometimes I forget how much power being an artist holds
Haven’t drawn myself w Sonny in so long zzz 👽 

obligatory quick sketch of Porter


Let me explain.
This ugliness, this cruelty, this repulsiveness.
It will all die out.
And now, I cry for all that is beautiful. 


Some cutes in kigus

Quick Sonny doodle that was a trade!

Took a glance on my DA and found this old gem hehe

literally p old (early 2012ish)

Skrill studies ft alien


A birthday gift for Nins!! 

sorry for taking so long ahhh ;;v; hope you like it <33

one on the left was 8 months ago and the one on the right was 30 minutes ago