Hello~ 👽⚡️✨

Mimi|♀|♈|17 |INFJ| Dumb weenie who loves EDM and drawing. Nice to meet yah! Instagram
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Slowly still working on the process of gravitating towards photooshop

Day 16: draw your inspiration ✨

Feeling cheeky

Happy birthday Dill-Pickle *~*~*

Skrillvolution poster is complete!

Onward to do the background! 🎀 

Bells era is all finished! Just have to work on FFTL era and then onward to the backgrounds! 

More progress!

Wip of one section of the skrillvolution poster 👽 #sonnymoore #skrillex

Jack Ü!!!

Currently working on a skrillvolution get riggity rekt

cool cool

Porter poo

It’s good to be back ★

Sometimes I forget how much power being an artist holds
Haven’t drawn myself w Sonny in so long zzz 👽